Wholesale Inquiry form for Unisex T-shirts

You Girl Boy is a manufacturer of Unisex Gender Neutral clothing.
We welcome inquiries from interested wholesalers and retailers.
Standard benefits:
- Expand your target market by offering gender-neutral options.
- Increase sales with a wider range of clothing options for customers.
Emotional benefits:
- Be at the forefront of inclusivity and diversity in fashion.
- Empower individuals to express their personal style without stereotypes.
Wholesale for Retailers

Ethical And Sustainable With You Girl Boy.

We are passionate about the environment and ethical manufacturing practices here at You Girl Boy.

We ensure our manufacturers are ethically sourced and with properly paid worker. We stand against slave labour and child labour, promoting fair treatment and equality. So be assured with the our team of people in house, the Australian made Logo and the manufacture certificates you will get an ethical, quality
Australian made, organic, gender neutral /unisex products.